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Patient Self Check In


Medisolve's Patient Check In module enables Patient Self Registration via Medisolve's Touch Screen Patient Kiosks; the kiosks also offer a Health Card Reader option for ease of use.  The interoperable technologies behind the Touch Screen Kiosks integrate easily with the Hospital's overall information management system to enable a swift Self Registration process. Medisolve solutions reduce high administrative costs and improve patient satisfaction.

Waiting Room Preparation  


Interacting with the kiosks better captures and more accurately documents the relevant information on patient's latest visit and his/her support system. This can potentially enable the caregivers to better plan and strategize the treatment modalities especially to tailor them according to the patient's needs and disabilities.

Medical Interview


Medisolve's Patient Interview module is delivered via Touch Screen Patient Kiosks (with an audio assistant option), asking the screening questions typically asked at the beginning of a patient consultation. The patient selects their language preference and then answers the yes/no and multiple choice questions privately, honestly and accurately, if they make a mistake they can easily go back and make a change. Once complete a detailed report can be printed by the Physician that proactively enables them to focus on the problem areas identified in the patient interview.




Medisolve's Way Finding solution helps patients and visitors alike easily navigate their way to specific departments and facilities. The touch screen interface is user friendly to people of all ages and reduces incidents of late appointments. At the touch of a screen the Way Finder solution guides you to any location you request.


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